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four seasons



a window installation changing throughout 2014

scenes change every other week

created at 826 Seattle - 8414 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

summer tale - the flying lion, starts july 26th.


winter tale - peter and the wolf spring tale - the man who made trees bloom summer tale - the flying lion fall tale - TBD

this tale is over.

click to see all scenes in the tale

this tale is over

click to see all scenes in the tale

images below still in process
scene three


text from scene three: Brother Bullfrog came hopping along and asked why Crow sat on the bones all day when he could be flying. Don’t worry, I can take care of the bones Bullfrog said as Crow took off to find his friends.
scene two


text from scene two: Whenever a rare White Crow was found it was brought to Lion to be trained to gaurd the bones while he went hunting.
scene one


text from scene one: Long ago Lion had wings and nothing could escape him. The only thing he feared was that the bones of the animals he caught would be broken.


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with help from

install at 826 Seattle

all works created and copyrighted

by tory franklin